• Tools & Process

    Embodied IntelligenceTM training carries the next generation of leaders into a new, formerly unexplored realm of how to effectively navigate difficult (but necessary) conversations & ethically navigate attraction.

    Needing a confidential outside perspective? We provide private 1-1 coaching as well.

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    "An investigation can tear a department apart. People start taking sides, and gossiping about what’s going on and what’s going to happen. It’s a huge drain on productivity..."


    -Patricia Nemeth, a labor and employment attorney with Nemeth Burwell

    Here are the tools and modalities we use to bring embodied intelligence to life:

    • 1-1 coaching to enable people to get their bearings and lead in a new way
    • Group coaching to surface and leverage diversity in every team
    • Body Language Analysis & Mastery to give people confidence and increase ethical relating
    • Trust building exercises to transform workplace relating
    • Role Plays to bring theoretical concepts into concrete, real life
    • Tai Chi & Somatic Movement Exercises to embody the changes in a visceral way & augment multidimensional intelligence
    • Authentic Relating exercises to replace damaging gossip & routine chatter with authentic conversations


    In the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's 2016 report on sexual harassment, officials stipulated that corporate attitudes toward training need an overhaul.


    The commission found that "much of the training done over the last 30 years has not worked as a prevention tool -- it's been too focused on simply avoiding legal liability."

  • How It Works

    Let's start with a conversation


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    Let's talk about what's going on inside your leadership team(s) and organization overall


    Assessment & Proposal

    If from the preliminary consult, it seems to be a good fit for us to work together, we'll craft an action plan and send you a proposal



    We begin with an orientation and introductory half-day session

We provide experiential training programs that are designed for mature, self-regulating, responsible adults.  If you have medical or mental health concerns, it is your responsibility to check with your mental health care provider before undertaking our trainings.  Some of the material covered in the training may be by nature provocative or emotionally charged.  It is your responsibility to be in charge of maintaining and stating your boundaries and needs throughout the program, and to say something to the trainers and organizers if your own physical or emotional well-being and boundaries are being in any way compromised.  By completing the orientation and signing the waiver before you participate in the training, you acknowledge the above disclaimers, take full responsibility for the risk involved in doing this program, and do not hold the organizers or trainers legally or medically responsible for your health and any risk or damages involved in undertaking this program.
We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously.  Due especially to the sensitive nature of this work, we do not disclose private information discussed during consults or trainings with outside parties.  We do not sell or trade our client's information with third parties.