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  • Envision a Thriving Company Culture, Where Harassment is a Thing of the Past

    What will it take?

    Every day it seems there is yet another CEO stepping down because of sexual abuse.


    Sexual misconduct and mishandled relationships between people in professional settings account for millions if not billions in legal fees, public humiliation, and the ruination of many a career (and even entire companies) every year.


    The less visible long-term fallout can include trauma, divorce, and even suicide.


    We are in the grips of a crisis.


    Yet few organizations are equipped to deal with the root-level issues at hand. That is because they are using methods which address the symptom, not the core problem.


    "Let's give our employees surveys."

    "Oh, let's put in a stricter sexual harassment policy. That'll do the trick for sure!"


    And then, sure enough, a week later, someone else gets caught red-handed.


    Are we even surprised anymore?


  • How We're Addressing the Problem

    We Provide Comprehensive Skills-Based Experiential Learning

    Get to the Root


    Studies show that most sexual harassment training does very little to fundamentally improve the situation


    Sexual harassment protocols and surveys provide legal compliance. They do little, however, to prevent further harassment or transform a workplace culture into one where everyone can thrive.


    The number one reason that most sexual harassment training has failed: they specify what NOT do to, instead of giving people skills.


    In essence:

    they do not address the root of the problem.


    They address the symptom.

    Covering Your Ass Versus Shifting Culture


    Your staff sees what's really going on...

    The proverbial legal compliance and survey routine is not lost on the staff as they see the board and senior executives scramble to “cover their own ass” with the minimum necessary.


    Employees will not say anything to you, but they know what is going on.


    That is why you hired them. They are smart.


    We Look at the Whole Picture


    Work-husband? Work-wife? We Get it.

    According to a recent survey, 84% of millennials engage in office romances.


    We operate on the premise that it is unrealistic for people to spend an average of 50-80 hours a week together and NOT have some feelings of attraction and desire from time to time.


    According to CareerBuilder’s recently published annual survey, out of 809 workers surveyed across industries, 22 percent of them have dated their boss, up from 15 percent last year, and 41 percent of them had to keep their romance a secret.


    How is YOUR organization going to deal with dating, attraction, and harassment issues?

  • Our Approach

    Less Surveys, More Skills!

    Get Upgraded Communication Tools


    We go further than an ordinary sexual harassment policy by challenging the status quo and teaching super practical skills as such:


    • Differentiating harassment and etiquette for work-approved dating


    • How to handle rejection


    • How to read body language


    • Authentic communication for modern workers


    • The art of delivering feedback


    • The art of compliments and acknowledgement


    • How to handle attraction in the workplace as a boss, employee, HR personnel, etc


    “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”


    -Paul Romer, Economist




    The goal is to eliminate sexual harassment, unhealthy communication patterns and abuse from an organizational culture and to create an environment of trust and synergy.


    Typical sexual harassment training addresses a symptom. It does not address the problem. It fails to give people tools and skills that will shift the workplace culture.


    Instead of the typical “bad employee” rhetoric, (treating people like a misbehaving dog) approach, we take a strengths-based, experiential approach.






    Embodied Intelligence is a brand new, multi-dimensional approach to dealing with workplace attraction, male-female dynamics, and sexual integrity.


    Embodied Intelligence is a new paradigm that leads to full-body thinking and action.


    Embodied Intelligence leads to an authentic culture, where the experience of social anxiety, cultural hierarchy and distrust is transmuted into mutual appreciation and innovation.

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  • Who We Are

    Anita Teresa Boeninger, Founder of Embodied Intel and the Sex & Medicine Summit

    photo by Vandyke Williams


    Anita Teresa Boeninger is a New York-based integrative health & sexuality educator with a background in Clinical Social Work, Mind-Body Therapies, Performing Arts, and Somatic Movement Education. She was a Heath Educator in the Department of Integrative Health Programs at NYU Hospital for nearly five years, and is the founder of The Sex & Medicine Summit, an education platform reaching tens of thousands of health and wellness professionals globally.


    During her tenure at NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC), she innovated an extensive array of staff wellness education, corporate wellness (for clients of NYULMC), and administered a pre-surgical preparation program to thousands of patients. She continues to collaborate with experts in the field of neurobiology, sex therapy and mind-body integration.


    Anita has delivered a plethora of health and wellness presentations to corporations and organizations in New York City over the past 11 years, including Bank of America, West LB, Cotton Inc, Rockefeller University, the You Can Thrive Foundation, NY Insight Meditation Center, the Creative Center, Bellevue Hospital, the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Gensler Inc, and many others. Her on-going work with clients revolves around increasing body-mind integration for vibrant intimate relationships, creativity and heightened somatic intelligence.


    She has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, and has been interviewed on Doctor Radio, News 12 NJ, Progressive Radio Network, and numerous podcasts, sharing her expertise on vitalizing practices and sexual well-being. Her speaker credits include the Hungarian Consulate in New York City, the biannual medical conference Heal Thy Practice, PURE Love Conference, Unapologetically Woman conference (Negril, Jamaica), Assemblage NOMAD, the East Meets West Medicine Fest in New York City & others. She is an ambassador for the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) and ALL (All Ladies League) based out of New Delhi, India, and was nominated in 2017 for the “Iconic Women Creating a Better Future” Award.


    Anita’s side passions include visual and performance art. She has performed with various dance and theater companies in NY venues including the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Building Salon series, the Producer’s Club, Jan Hus Theater, TAI Group, and others. Her work with theater, film and art photography directors Fabrizio Chiesa, Paul B. Goode, and Erin Flowers, as well as Open Door Acting Company founders, Jerry Brody & Carl Stillitano, has profoundly influenced her work in the health and training world to include elements of empowered self-expression. In the last 7 years, she has directed, produced and starred in an original multi-art show (to sold-out audiences), co-produced and starred in two short films by Fabrizio Chiesa, starred in a long-form music video (IGNONAUTA), as well as initiated a documentary film project on conscious movement.


    Panelist at Fearless Network, a legal support network for women facing harassment issues

    (l) Bryan Stacy, advocate, advisor & CEO of BIEM, a sexual health testing app

    Advisers and partners range from corporate trainers, consultants, legal experts and health & wellness professionals. The Embodied IntelTM rotating team of trainers are located throughout the United States and abroad.

    (photo by Vandyke Williams, Anita with panel of experts from the Sex & Medicine Summit)

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We provide experiential training programs that are designed for mature, self-regulating, responsible adults.  If you have medical or mental health concerns, it is your responsibility to check with your mental health care provider before undertaking our trainings.  Some of the material covered in the training may be by nature provocative or emotionally charged.  It is your responsibility to be in charge of maintaining and stating your boundaries and needs throughout the program, and to say something to the trainers and organizers if your own physical or emotional well-being and boundaries are being in any way compromised.  By completing the orientation and signing the waiver before you participate in the training, you acknowledge the above disclaimers, take full responsibility for the risk involved in doing this program, and do not hold the organizers or trainers legally or medically responsible for your health and any risk or damages involved in undertaking this program.
We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously.  Due especially to the sensitive nature of this work, we do not disclose private information discussed during consults or trainings with outside parties.  We do not sell or trade our client's information with third parties.